“Edutainment” Startup Company Triseum to Make Games on Art and Calculus

How does one make learning complicated subjects like art and calculus fun? Triseum says the answer is in video games. “Edutainment” or educational entertainment refers to content (commonly computer games) designed to entertain and educate. The usual target audience of which are students. “It’s been proven that games are very effective at teaching you things,” said André Thomas, CEO of Triseum.

The startup company has recently launched its first game called ARTé: Mecenas. The game aims to teach students about art, business, and culture during the Renaissance era. In the game the students play Mecenas, a banker and merchant from the prominent Medici family who becomes a patron of the arts. The player has to make decisions on what pieces of art to purchase and trade or face excommunication. The game takes about 4-6 hours to finish.

After ARTé: Mecenas, Triseum is set to make another game about calculus. The said game will be a four-part game series designed to help students in the subject known for its high dropout rate.

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