Heads up Apple Fans! New MacBook Air and iMac Coming in October

You’ve heard rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 and a new MacBook Pro. There’s also that talk about the iPad getting new features next year, which will include an operating system upgrade. But now the buzz is getting louder and louder with the expected arrival of new versions of the MacBook laptops and iMac desktop coming this October.

The new MacBook Air will feature a multifunctional USB-C port while the iMac will give you an option for new graphic chips, according to Bloomberg’s sources. The modified MacBook Pro, on the other hand, will be thinner than its predecessors and will come with a flatter keyboard.

One of the more eagerly talked-about upgrades with the MacBook Pro is the rumored OLED touch bar, which will replace the function keys in the old version. Dubbed as the “Dynamic Function Row,” the touch bar will allow easier navigation and access by offering the common key functions on the application you are currently using. For instance, if you are listening to music using Spotify, the touch bar will morph and offer you a pause or play key and a volume control function. If you switch it to a web browser for example, the touch bar will morph again and offer you browser functions.

Finally, Apple is also said to be collaborating with LG for its new standalone 5K resolution monitor. Release date for the new monitor is still unknown.


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