Twitter Lets Advertisers Target Users by Emojis

We all know Twitter as a social media platform that gives us unlimited ‘real-time’ connection. It’s one of the reasons why many companies rely on Twitter for ads. The social media platform gave advertisers an opportunity to expand their business through demographics or specific interests. It certainly helped brands push their products.

This time, with the assistance of AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Perion, SocialCode, and 4C, Twitter has created a brand new way of helping advertisers. Instead of just using keywords, advertisers can now track their potential customers based on their used emojis, emoticons or smiley face. Twitter will provide advertisers with an analysis of their users’ tweets.

Neil Shah of Twitter Ads API Product stated that emojis have a unique way of letting people express their feelings. It was also last year’s “Word of the Year” according to the Oxford Dictionary. Twitter claimed that for the past two years, more than one hundred billion users have tweeted with an emoji. The company believed that because of those facts, big potential awaits for advertisers who will adapt their idea.


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