Youtube Brings More Services to Homegrown Stars

To prevent their fans and homegrown users from migrating to other video sharing platforms, Youtube seeks to offer new services beyond just sharing videos.

The popular video platform is currently developing its latest feature called Backstage. The feature, which is expected to launch some time this year will enable users to share photos, text posts, polls, videos and links to their subscribers.

Youtube plans to initially introduce this new feature soon to select Youtubers. Backstage will be available on mobile phones and desktop computers.

Youtube hopes to encourage various types of interaction with Backstage in the myriad ways available. The new feature is expected to generate new content which will soon create a more intimate video sharing connection between Youtubers and their fans; thus improving their existing one-way communication process.

Backstage is a critical change for the video-sharing platform which focuses mainly on videos. Youtube aims to refine the meaning of video sharing with its social features. The platform wants to become a better place to talk about those videos as well.


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