How You Can Make the Most of Your Corporate Credit Card

To manage your payment transactions with ease and comfort, having a corporate credit card for your business is the best option.

credit card perks

A credit card is a payment card issued to a certain cardholder or individual as a means of payment channel. It enables the cardholder to purchase goods and other services on the guarantee that he/she will pay for them.

A bank, which is the authorized entity to issue the card, grants a credit line to the cardholder. This line will allow the user to borrow money for payment to the retailer/provider that will serve as a cash advance.

According to credit card statistics and industry facts issued by

1. 37% of small-businesses say their businesses have relied on credit cards to meet capital needs in the 12 months prior to May 2012.
2. 50% of small-business owners surveyed in May 2012 said they pay off their business credit cards every month.
3. 5% of small-business owners surveyed in May 2012 said that in the past four years they had closed their credit cards and switched to debit cards exclusively.


1. Standardized payment

The Credit Card line issued by the bank is usually set with a higher credit limitation. Having a credit card will improve the management of orders. It will also simplify the purchasing process, making it more convenient for both merchant and customers., thus facilitating the economical development of the business.

2. Installment options

installment option

The default advantage of paying in installments is that as a credit cardholder you don’t have to pay the full amount on the spot. This is favorable especially if you’re short on cash at the moment. But you must carefully CHECK THE INTEREST RATE on your purchases. The secret to financial stability is learning how to control and track your transactions. Choose installments that are within your budget limit.

3. Smoother accounting operations

Along with the convenience of card payment is the ease of online access. CC payment also enables its user the functionality of syncing your accounting software with your credit card account for effortless monitoring and recording of financial transactions thus minimizing tasks. Another benefit you can maximize is the setting up of your bills payment on auto-pay

4. Multiple benefits

Being a cardholder has many perks.
You can avail of the benefits such as:

CC protection insurance
lounge access
cash back rewards
airline miles
– and more…


A credit card is also secure and safe to use, easily accessible especially when you’re traveling. It can be a go-to source for emergencies. Again, just make sure to track and control your expenses so as not to affect your credit. Smart handling of payments will safeguard your way to financial stability.

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