Don’t Let Your Website Becomes Atlantis!

The legend of Atlantis, to oversimplify it to a great extent, has gripped imaginations for over two thousand years. An entire city lost somewhere beneath the ocean? How could such a myth not fail to enthral people?

Of course, here’s the thing about Atlantis: if it ever did exist, we’ve certainly never found it. The ‘historical records’, such as they are, aren’t too clear on where Atlantis actually would have been. ‘Somewhere at the bottom of the sea’ is a fairly vague direction. For all we know, Atlantis may be the most stunning thing that no-one will ever see.

Atlantis has been used as an allegory for many things over the centuries. Today, it becomes an allegory for your website. Your website is key to convincing people to work with your business. You may be running a great business, and your website needs to reflect this. But you’ve got to start seeing the Internet as an ocean of sorts. And a website is hardly even a city in the sea – it’s more like a drop of water in the sea!

So how can you prevent your website from becoming something that no-one will ever see? We’ve got a few hot tips for you that many website owners tend to ignore.

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Redesign it

People often forget just how much of an impact web design has on web traffic. It’s not a simple case of ‘if it looks beautiful, then visitors are more likely to recommend the website to others’ – although that’s certainly part of it. Clean, efficient web design also results in a more technically stable website, which is more likely to be favored by search engines. Speaking of which…

Focus on SEO and metadata

Stop ignoring SEO. A lot of advisors in this field make the mistake of assuming that business owners are already using SEO, because it seems like such an obvious step. We will make no such assumption, because we know that business owners often think of SEO as a meaningless buzzword. Wrong. Start learning about SEO and metadata if you want your website to have a good headstart.

Get people talking

Hope aboard social media and get people talking about you and your business. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that thousands of followers is automatically a good thing. Numbers are important, but engagement is even more important. This helps ensure quality of followers. Growing a Twitter following is becoming more appreciated as a good means to get more eyes on your business website.

Upload content, and then upload some more content

You’ve got the great website layout, good engagement on social media, and a strong business model. But the whole ‘content is king’ thing is still just as true as it was in the mid-90s. (Yes, people have been saying ‘content is king’ in an Internet context since the mid-90s.) You need to ensure that you’re uploading good content and on a regular basis. Start boosting the quality of your writing, and use this quality content to further engage your following. Search engines love quality content, and they love regularly updated quality content even more.

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