Effective Video Marketing Strategy: Tips & Tricks

Everyone is talking about video marketing. Promoting online business through video works very well and gives great results. Video content has become a powerful tool in the world of marketing. This is impressive in its effectiveness. Here are just a few statistics. The number of conversions increases by 82% if you add a video to the site. About 92% of mobile video consumers share content with their friends. This data is convincing, isn’t it?

Effective Video Marketing Strategy: Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t already included a video in your marketing strategy, we encourage you to do so immediately. In this article, we will tell you how to create an effective video marketing strategy.

Start a business promotion by creating a content plan

Publishing random videos will not benefit your business. First, think about the story you want to tell your target audience in general. Then break it into pieces and create quality video content.

The next step is to write a schedule of publications. Use analytics to choose the most convenient time for content consumers. Post your video on schedule. You can automate this process with scheduling tools.

Video content should be part of an overall marketing campaign. Only then will you get the desired result. These are very interconnected things. From time to time, there is a need for a quick response of the business to certain external factors. In this case, you can publish a video that is not included in the content plan and adjust the publication schedule. But these are one-time events, not systematic ones.

Use the first seconds wisely

No matter how great video content you create, the user will not notice it without instant interest. There is too much information around, so people have to scroll through their channels faster and faster.

From the first seconds, give a clear message — what this video is about — so that your target audience does not miss it. In the first seconds of video submission, every detail is important: sound, image, content. You need to create an “attention catcher” for your audience.

Create a quality video with special tools

Effective Video Marketing Strategy: Tips & Tricks

Video marketing tips aren’t just about promotion. Quality is very important for video. It’s about the image, and the sound, and the montage. Therefore, of course, you have to master some kind of video editor. At first, it is not necessary to use Hollywood movie-making software, but you will have to know all the nuances of at least an amateur one.

By the way, in addition to editing, you will have to study some other software for working with video: streaming platforms, video converters for creating universal video formats, and much more. But don’t worry, there are a lot of tutorials on the web. Don’t know such a specific topic as how to cut MKV video? Just google it. The friendly video making community has given the answer long ago.

The achieved result will be worth the effort. After all, consumers will be happy to watch high-quality video content and share videos with friends. And your audience will grow. This is how an effective video marketing strategy works.

Remember to add a call to action

In video marketing, a special approach to the call to action. This is not a sale or registration. Don’t let the customer go any further and forget about you. Ask them to:

  • subscribe to a channel/page;
  • like the video;
  • share with friends;
  • comment on the video;
  • view other content.

Add a call to action at the beginning, inside, or at the end of the video. This can be an instruction card, a link, or a pop-up animation. The main thing is that the viewer notices and reacts.

Use SEO to optimize video content

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When a potential customer enters a keyword phrase in the search bar, they may see your video as well. But only if the video description contains keywords. YouTube subscribers often watch more than one video, but also relevant offers. Use YouTube’s tagging feature to offer your content as a related video. Think of video as one of the stages of the sales funnel. Post a call for the user to go to your site or landing page.

Create customer-friendly content

Don’t turn your video content into commercials. Video marketing is first and foremost about brand engagement, not about direct sales.

Find what your customers are interested in and give it to them:

  • tell fascinating stories;
  • share behind-the-scenes of the production process;
  • inform about innovations in the market;
  • share your impressions of the new product.

Get creative in your videos to the fullest. And do not rush to say the word “sales” on camera.

Discover your personality

Boring videos with voice-overs do not attract viewers. If you still do not know how to talk to the camera, then you will not succeed in video marketing.

Work on yourself. They are not born ideal speakers, they become them through practice. Many details are important: voice, diction, movements, gaze. You can and should work with all this. Develop yourself to grow your business.

Analyze the results and do a more effective video marketing strategy

Any campaign involves a stage such as evaluating the results. Marketing analysis tools allow you to move forward based on clear data, not based on intuition. Most video hosting platforms include marketing analytics. Use this data to know the number of views, the percentage of clicks on the play button, and other metrics. Study the dynamics and conclude. When you get the results, don’t forget to make adjustments to your marketing strategy. So gradually you will achieve the result.

Collaborate with other brands and influencers

This method does not stop working in marketing. Collaborations are very effective for video marketing strategy. It’s great when you talk about yourself. But it’s very cool when it’s done by another person that the audience trusts. The main thing is that this person or brand is in tune with your brand.

It’s time to create video content

No one is arguing that video is an important marketing tool. It’s time to capture the audience’s attention with bright video content.

Three things are needed for a successful strategy: an interesting story (it’s storytelling), quality video (remember: picture, sound, charismatic speaker, and all like that), the right time for the right audience (analytics to help you).

And believe that you can do it!

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