Exposing Your Brand Without Falling Into Frustrating Territory

Marketing can seem like a simple practice for most. For instance, when was the last time you walked past a pizza place, only to see a person twirling an arrow advertising their latest deal? Sure, it was a little cliche and felt a little hokey, but the approach must have grabbed your attention, fulfilling its initial goal with flying colors.

Yet it’s true that marketing can sometimes be a little too obvious, or repetitive, or blunt, or silly. How many times have you been watching television only to chuckle at the hilariously vague, evocative, mystic, ethereal fragrance advertisement that seemed to have nothing to do with the product? For marketing to work well, it must be smart, and respect the intelligence of your audience. It must also be present in the right amounts, so that you do not frustrate and irritate your potential consumers. An overbearing jingle will stick in the ears of those listening to the radio advertisements, but they won’t thank you for it.

So, how do we stay non-offensive yet effective? With the following advice.

Subtle, Effective Merchandising

Remaining useful can be a fantastic means of adding an initial value proposition to your marketing approach. For instance, using custom totes to gain brand exposure can be expertly practical, not only for getting your brand name out there, but in providing a useful tool to those who are granted your merchandise or freebie. Additionally, merchandise sold or included with certain orders can help you add a cheap addition to deliver over and above on your contracted sale, allowing you to brand more effectively with little in the way of overbearing cost.

Sponsoring Events

Sponsoring events related to your industry can be a great idea. While expos, conventions and general events are not taking place as of now, it can be worth trying to secure your place for next years cycle with care. For instance, a golf club manufacturer may find it worthwhile to sponsor the local black-tie function at the club, or to brand a certain sports event through thorough sponsorship. This allows you to funnel your money in a positive, productive manner, appreciated by your audience, while still marketing with effectiveness.

Posting Website Content

Post content to your website – be that tutorial videos, blog posts, industry news, or meet-the-team profiles. When you are able to post website content with care and attention, you’ll certainly be able to make use of SEO marketing to draw more people to your page. This is again a value-adding proposition because it enables you to draw those who are seeking that kind of content to your page, while also setting up the relationship with said visitor on positive grounds. The more you are able to offer something with goodwill, the more likely they will be to come back and maybe invest in your products or services.

With this advice, we hope you can better expose your brand without ever falling into frustrating territory.

FG Editorial Team
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