GPS Tracking: A Basic Guide

No matter if you’re new to driving or an expert, GPS tracking is an important feature to have. It allows you to find the location of your car when you’re lost and reduces the amount of theft. So in this guide, we’ll help show you why you should look into gps tracking software development to improve the value of your car.

What do I Need for GPS Tracking?

GPS car tracking system usually includes the following things:

  • Adapter
  • Power Supply
  • Software for Data Analysis
  • Network Connection
  • Mobile module. It consists of two devices (phone or a receiver) and uses a GPS tracker.

Module (GPS tracker). The module is an important aspect in gps tracking software development. A mobile module consists of the data storage unit and a satellite receiver. Most GPS trackers have a 5 second recording rate where they can track their cars movement in about 180 hours (That’s slightly more than 7 days).

But even in the event of an external power source, the GPS tracker won’t operate longer than a few hours. For a stable operation without any issues, you’ll need to connect the GPS unit to the car via an adapter. Therefore, you need to have a car adapter for your GPS system.

All of the connections on the network need to be safe from intentional or accidental disconnection. To increase the reliability of the connector, you’ll have to solder it and have it in one connector – in the sealed box.

To prevent disconnection, the soldered point has to be in a hard to reach a location where the disconnector is unable to access it or know the location (business case). The connection needs to be provided with a fuse to the network region, so the voltage doesn’t rely on the position of the ignition key.

Who Might Need a GPS Tracking System?

Usually, a GPS tracking system is complemented by anti-theft system features. This system views and analyzes information such as:

  • Starts and stops on the engine
  • Vehicle coordinates changing
  • Doors state (closed/open) and so on

When the user receives an alarm, you can send commands to the GPS receiver – to turn off the engine or start the siren. Because of this, the monitoring system has been refined.

The only con with some gps tracking software development systems is its navigation system. Most systems use GMS technology. And if no connection is found for a certain time period, then the car will lose control. But when the GSM connection is unavailable, all of the information is saved on the GPS electronic unit’s memory. As a result, the after signal resolution will operate on a normal regime.

GPS that’s placed on a vehicle must reliably and consistently transmit information to complete the GPS monitoring process:

  • Reducing repair expenditures
  • Slowing depreciation process
  • Increasing the employees’ responsibility
  • Rapid response to abnormal situations
  • Increases cargo volume because of the reducing the fuel consumption cons


To conclude, we believe that gps tracking software development is a great way to help cars and drivers stay safe on the road. And as time progresses, we can expect to see more advancements in the future.

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