“Greasebook” Gets Modernized as an App

greasebook  cover


Did you know that a lot of oil and gas companies still run their daily operations
via pen and paper?

According to Greg Archbald, they used to track all stuff through a small book they carried with them better known in some upper circles as a greasebook. Now he offers them a modern way to track everything in real time through his app, aptly named after its inspiration.

Greasebook is essentially an app for oil and gas operators and their pumpers,” he explained.

greasebook app

Through this app, oil and gas company owners can import information, track updates in real time and create production reports that don’t suck.

In this video, Greg talks more about his experience launching Greasebook, what keeps him fired up, the difficulties he experienced and overcame as well as his advice to millennial entrepreneurs.

Watch his video now.

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