How Signage Impacts Healthcare Facility Satisfaction Scores

A quality healthcare facility works hard to provide top-notch care using the latest technology, newest techniques, and best personnel. There is no substitute for that kind of quality, but when it comes to patient satisfaction, the little things make a big difference.

One of those little things is access to information. Patients who cannot find their way around a medical facility give consistently low scores for their satisfaction, even if their medical outcomes were very positive. Families want regular updates on their loved ones, and everyone wants something to help them pass the time as they wait to be seen.

While it is a good thing that patients and families share their frustrations, it would be an even better thing if those inconveniences were avoided in the first place. That’s the goal of MDM healthcare digital signage solutions. Their products make it easy to prevent confusion and frustration in a healthcare facility. Here are four ways digital signage can help.

Less Clutter

At the intersection of large corridors, patients may have to choose from many different options on where to go. With standard signage, the walls are covered with words and arrows that take a long time to read and interpret. Digital signage can scroll through different screens presenting directions to various services. Patients simply wait for their destination to appear with full instructions on how to reach it.

Easy Updates to Locations

Many healthcare facilities have frequent renovation or expansion projects. These activities can displace services, rendering traditional signs outdated. Temporary signs only add more clutter, but digital signage can address the problem easily. The system is simply updated to reflect the new location so that patients can easily get where they need to go. Patients and families have a more positive response to upgrades when the disruption is minimized.

Patient Updates

Many healthcare facilities now utilize a digital monitor system that uses a number to identify patients and display their status. Similar to the flight updates shown in airports, these systems help families track their loved one’s progress toward completion of procedures without constantly asking staff for updates. Families report lower levels of anxiety and are less likely to state that they were dissatisfied with the amount of information provided to them about the patient’s status and progress.

Tailored Entertainment

Most of us have found ourselves at a pediatrician’s office with nothing on the TV but soap operas or talk shows–in other words, the last types of programming a bored, sick child wants to see. Networked digital signage can provide educational and entertaining content that is tailored to whoever is watching. It could be updated scores at a sports medicine practice or local news in a general practitioner’s waiting area. Whatever the methods, patients end up less bored and less frustrated with the time they spend waiting.

Medical care has advanced dramatically, but sometimes the simple things lag behind. Coupled with excellent medical technology and skilled staff, digital signage can put the finishing touches on a quality health care experience.

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