The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship and What It Means For Everyone

Founder of ClicknComplain

Katrina: You founded ClicknComplain, can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey?

Rachel: ClicknComplain actually came out of the first Startup Weekend I attended. It is a citizen complaint platform where people use their mobile phone to tag city issues and report it to the proper authorities. Our team aimed to better connect citizen issues and complaints to the local government for action and resolutions, thus, improving citizen engagement and city maintenance.

Katrina: What are some of the challenges you faced as an entrepreneur?

Rachel: That’s an interesting question. There were a lot of growth pains, struggles, trial and error, and valuable lessons in trying to start a business. There were also some team-related challenges along the way, and problems of commitment and responsibility. A helpful step was having a sit-down conversation and discussing each of our levels of commitment, capacity to engage, and availability. We also had a hasty merger which we had to undo early on, teaching us the value of the saying, “date before you marry,” equally true for business partners. In choosing co-founders, it’s important to have spent time working with them and have many clear conversations about their vision for the business before deciding to team up with them.

Advocacy Project: Unpackaged Coalition

Katrina: Aside from EDM Entrepreneurs, what are the businesses or side projects you are working on?

Rachel: Yes, my close friend Emma Stokking and I are working on contributing to the movement towards zero waste societies through an organization called the Unpackaged Coalition. The idea behind this movement is not to better manage waste but rather to eliminate it, which would require changes at all levels of society. Emma and I decided to try to to adopt zero-waste lifestyles six months ago, not purchasing products that come in disposable packaging. There are an incredible number of better, alternative options out there for so many of our typical habits and some are very easy, such as bringing your own bag instead of getting a plastic one. We created a very simple, early-stage crowdsourced guide to help people find zero-waste products in different cities. Concerned citizens have added cities from around the world; we encourage everyone to check it out and add on to it!

Her Advocacy Work Continues

From the United States to India and the Philippines, Rachel’s advocacy has taken her across the globe. Wherever she plans to go next, she will continue her personal mission of doing good to the people, environment, and community. With her passion, zeal and enthusiasm towards educating youth and building socially responsible enterprises, there’s no limit to the positive impact she can bring forth.

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