Awkward in Front of a Camera? ZennaWolfe Media Solutions Helps You Shine

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Awkward in Front of a Camera? ZennaWolfe Media Solutions Helps You Shine

What happens when you put a seasoned actor and an entrepreneur from the software world together? A massive team-up that combines the best of both worlds is a strong and accurate answer. The result of Kate Zenna and David Wolfe’s clandestine meeting is ZennaWolfe Media Solutions, which aims to help business folk shine in front of the camera and become the best star that they can be.

Since their genesis in August of 2014, ZennaWolfe Media Solutions has been helping professionals overcome camera shyness, bringing out their best side in order for them to create videos that powerfully promote their businesses and services. With teams across the United States, the business continues to expand, making sure that their clients always receive the very best in terms of video product and overall experience.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership

Now you might be wondering how such an amazing fusion of two very different worlds came about. It all started when Hollywood actress Kate Zenna met David Wolfe for the first time whilst pursuing a food venture. “I needed a finance and accounting mentor,” Zenna recalls, “I posted on and we were connected soon after.” The actress reveals that Wolfe generously offered great business, accounting, and financial advice. She wanted to offer her support in return but was unsure of how she could help someone, who in her mind, was such an accomplished business person.

Fortunately, an opportunity soon arose when she viewed the videos he had put up on his software consulting firm’s website. “I let him know that his videos were dreadful.” Zenna offered to help Wolfe improve within the span of a single day. He took her up on her offer. They rented a studio and within a day, David experienced an incredible on-camera performance transformation. “He became calm, comfortable, and learned how to love the whole process – because he learned how to be his best in front of all the lights!”

ZennaWolfe Media Solutions Begins

David Wolfe realized after his experience that it was indeed possible to experience a drastic and fast on-camera transformation. After that, both individuals began to understand that the plight David once had is shared by millions of other business people and entrepreneurs. This was something Zenna had never been aware of previously, having spent her entire professional career in front of cameras.

“I wanted to find a way to help all of those people,” Zenna admits, “I wanted to help those who were brave and willing enough to take their careers and businesses to the next level.” Soon after that, ZennaWolfe Media Solutions was born. “ZennaWolfe began because a couple of entrepreneurs wanted to mentor each other in the best way they could!” The duo and their incredible team of Hollywood actors and film and television production pros haven’t looked back since.

On Mental and Technical Struggles

“We made a business out of the things we were naturally gifted at,” says Zenna, “I’m great at coaching people to shine on-camera and David excels at business.” Despite their formidable combined strength, roadblocks and struggles have challenged their new endeavor, taking the shape of both mental and technical issues. Kate Zenna explains that despite her confidence in her own abilities, it has not always been present.

“Perhaps my biggest struggle is in the confidence that I am always able coach people successfully,” the actress-turned-entrepreneur claims. “To date, I’ve only experienced positive results with our clients, but I think this may be something that I’m always going to struggle with a little. Luckily I continue regardless and actually use this to remind clients that even if your confidence is challenged you can still be very successful.” As if confidence issues weren’t enough, there was also the matter of technical problems that has everything to do with their lack of experience in film production. Despite her career as a professional actress, Kate Zenna has never directly overseen the lights, camera, and sound equipment – until now.

She and David had to learn by experience. “By working with top film production professionals we learned how long it takes to set up the lights,” said Zenna, recalling her on-the-job learning experiences. “We learned how they have to be specifically set up and adjusted for each individual client – because every face is unique. It changed how we structured our day, as well as our business model to allow for such specialized quality and attention.”

Relationship with Clients and Investors

Naturally, ZennaWolfe Media Solution deals with clients from the business world, particularly those who want to have an edge when it comes to their video presence. “We make sure that when we create videos, the people in them are likable, relatable, and authentic.” Despite the level of difficulty that such endeavors entail, Kate Zenna and her team has been able to pull it off time and time again – with clients raving about their experience and the resulting video content.

Due to the importance and the high quality of their work, it is only natural that they have begun to attract investors, despite the fact that they have yet to invite outside funding to the company. Zenna speculates that their company culture has also played a significant role in their would-be investors’ attraction. “Everything we do is about making the client feel good, comfortable, and like a star for the day,” Zenna is keen to admit. “We all come to work with one thing in mind: to make every single client look and feel like a star – it’s not about us and how great WE are, it’s all about the client.”

In terms of investors, ZennaWolfe intends to bring them in at the right time. When they do, they promise to extend their culture to include the investors in the entire experience. “How can we operate better to take into consideration the aims of our investors? We need to make sure we bring in the right partners, because culture and making money need to stay in balance.”

Advice to Starting Entrepreneurs

When it came to imparting knowledge to starting entrepreneurs, Kate Zenna had this to say: “Be a good student. If you are given advice and help from more experienced professionals, then take it! Create an advisory board of experts who are willing to give you support.” She also advises against expecting endless advice for free since it shows bad manners and amateur behavior. Instead, she urges young entrepreneurs to incorporate gratitude into their business dealings. “Never ever disagree or argue with an advisor offering you their time and thoughts; just listen and be grateful for their support. Remember, they have a million other things they could be spending their time doing.”
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