Making Mornings Bearable: How to Get Up Early and Not Feel Exhausted

One common issue every mother in the world shares is the difficulty of getting enough sleep and waking up all fresh and rested; early in the morning of course. The majority of moms have to become morning-persons because their children wake up really early. However, some moms can’t function properly in such early hours. The question is, is there a way for the sleepy and exhausted moms to become fully functioning, early birds? Of course, there is.

There are many ways moms can adjust baby sleeping schedule along with theirs, and morning routine to become an early riser, ready to go through yet another day of adventures with their children. But, before we look into those ways more closely, make sure to check out research proposal writing service for exceptional writing services, as well awesome blogs that will surely help you in your work.

So, let’s see what can help the moms of the world make mornings more bearable.

Get Enough Sleep

Both adults and children have their own internal, biological, sleeping rhythm and cycles. Hormones and external factors control the cycles, so in order to get enough restorative sleep, we need to balance those factors and hormones out with our natural clock. The important information for finding the appropriate sleeping rhythm regards the fact that infants sleep in 45 minutes cycles and adults sleep in 90 minutes sleep cycle. The key is to match both cycles so everyone can get enough sleep and still wake up in the morning feeling rested.

In order to do that, you must know that by having a 90 minutes sleep cycles, you would want to sleep either 6, 7.5 or 9 hours. This means that you wouldn’t want to wake up, for example, 6.5 hours once you got to sleep. So, if you want to, for example, wake up after 6 hours of sleep, make sure to set your alarm 6 hours from the time you went to bed. This way, even if your baby or kids wake up in the middle of the night, chances are you’ll still be able to get enough sleep as your sleeping cycle lasts 90 minutes, according to The Military Wife and Mom. There are also numerous sleep cycle apps you can use to analyze your sleep or to calculate your optimal wake-up time.

Cold Shower in The Morning

Late night showers are known to have a ‘wake-up’ effect and can make you feel less sleepy, therefore, disrupting your sleeping routine. So, instead of taking showers before bed, try taking showers first thing in the morning. Not only will an early shower wake you up completely, but it will also make you feel fresh, well rested and ready for the day.

Even if you did wake up feeling tired and exhausted, make sure to take a cold shower. Cold shower builds strong will power and improves emotional resilience, so you’ll be able to handle any type of situation with your kids. Cold showers also reduce stress, increase alertness, improve immunity and circulation. There are other, numerous benefits of cold showers, but the most important for you is the fact that a cold shower early in the morning will take away all the exhaustion from the previous day. Many believe there is no better way to start a day, regardless of whether you’re a mom or not. The health benefits are simply self-evident.


One of the main reason moms feel extremely exhausted and tired in the morning might stem from the fact that they neglect hydration. During sleep, your body uses the water supply from the previous day, meaning, you need to rehydrate first thing in the morning to keep your energy levels up.

Many studies have shown that even mild dehydration can make you feel irritable, moody, tired, exhausted and sleepy. So, before you go on with caring about your children in the morning, make sure to get at least 250ml of liquid like coffee, tea or, preferably, water. Throughout the day, you should be taking in at least eight glasses of water, not including other liquids. This will help you stay energized and rested throughout a stressful day with children.

Try to Enjoy the Morning

There might be a high chance you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted because you’ve adopted a mindset in which mornings are associated with stress and obligations. However, you can try and change that into creating a positive mindset that will allow you to associate your early mornings with enjoyment, the time you’ll spend with your partner and kids and with all the opportunities a new day brings.

You can also choose not to jump out of bed immediately after your alarm goes off. This way you will teach yourself that the alarm isn’t your enemy, but a friend. After the alarm goes off, stay in bed for some time for a proper stretch and a round of yawning. If you’re afraid you’ll get all sleepy and lazy during that period, you can always set a second alarm that will remind you to get out of the bed.

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