Professional Everyone In The Food Business Needs To Have On Speed Dial

There’s no doubt that working in the food industry comes with infinite perks, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Just like in any other field, problems are bound to arise in the food industry, which is why you need to arm yourself with the reliable contacts necessary to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you own a catering business, run a commercial kitchen, or own a restaurant franchise, you’ll often find yourself in need of help from other professionals. Below are some of the most valuable professionals that you need to have on speed dial if you want to make it in this incredibly competitive field of hospitality.

A Professional Plumber

A professional plumber’s number is arguably one of the most important numbers to have on your speed dial, especially if you work in a city where the food industry is booming such as Auckland. You see, the more competitive the field is in your area, the more imperative it becomes for you to stay on top of your plumbing needs. Luckily, there are many professional plumbers in Auckland which can help you maintain your plumbing and avoid any major problems. The importance of a highly experienced plumber to a restaurant owner cannot be overstated, because even the most smoothly run restaurant isn’t immune to the plumbing issues and, as you probably already know, plumbing issues can be particularly unpleasant to deal with.

Some of the most common plumbing problems in restaurants include backed-up toilets, clogged kitchen drains, and blocked grease traps. Without frequent maintenance, these problems can prevent you from providing your clients with the great service that they’ve come to expect from you which, in turn, can seriously damage your restaurant’s reputation and affect your sales.

A Licensed Electrician

Between your walk-in fridge, your fryers, your food processors, and your stove, pretty much everything in your kitchen is powered by electricity. This means that if you face serious problems with your electricity, your entire livelihood can be jeopardized. Some of the most common electrical issues in restaurant kitchens include faulty wiring, flickering lights, worn-out electrical cords, overloaded circuits, malfunctioning appliances, and improperly installed electrical components.

If left unaddressed, many of these issues can cause an electrical fire and, as any restaurant owner who has been through such a painful experience will tell you, an electrical fire can cause painful setbacks to your business. The good news is that through regular maintenance and routine checkups, a licensed electrician can help you catch these electrical problems in time before they cause serious damage to your restaurant, preventing costly repairs and maintaining the safety of your staff and clients.

Your Main Produce Supplier

In the food industry, even the most successful businesses can’t always anticipate when they’ll be in need of specific supplies and products. This is why having the number of your go-to produce supplier on speed dial can come in handy, especially if your business is facing an unexpected increase in demand. This way, if you’re experiencing a shortage in products, you won’t have to inform your hungry customers that the meals they ordered are unfortunately unavailable. Instead, you can call up your produce supplier and have the necessary ingredients delivered to you swiftly.

Of course, you can just send someone to the grocery store to get the products you need, but that wouldn’t be a cost-effective solution. You see, your produce supplier gets their products directly from the wholesalers or the actual producers rather than retailers who makes the products a lot less expensive.

Your Restaurant Accountant

No business owner wants to deal with a tax evasion notice or an overdue loan payment which is why any business owner in the food industry needs an accountant to help them keep their finances in order and prevent them from getting into any financial or legal trouble.

Besides preparing the financial documents necessary for your annual tax income report or your loan application, your restaurant accountant can also help you ensure that every dollar is spent as efficiently as possible. Moreover, your accountant can provide expert advice on anything finance-related including inventory and payroll processing, allowing you to manage your business as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

As you can see, many careers are intertwined with the food and drink industry. To keep up with the extremely fast-paced industry and maintain a consistent, high-quality level of service, you’ll often find yourself in need of additional services and supplies. With the contacts above on your speed dial, you can always keep your business in tip-top shape and avoid having to close up shop every time a small problem occurs.

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