Quirky Perks Employees Will Love

Being a business owner can be a big challenge. You have to be able to manage your money, product shipments and marketing to help promote your brand. But the most challenging and the biggest thing you can do as a business owner is keep your workers happy. Keeping your employees happy is a massive challenge and it is something we need to do in order to make sure that they stay loyal and work hard for us.

One of the ways which we can keep our workers happy this year is to give them perks. If course there are the regular ones such as telemedicine and group employee benefits, retirement plans and so forth, but today we are looking at some more unusual ones. Here are some of the top quirky perks you can offer to your employees this year.

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Paternity leave

The first thing which you can do for your employees as a cute little perk would be to offer a few days off when they get a new dog or cat in the family. Animals lovers will know that a pet is like a family member and they become a huge part of our lives in a short space of time. When a dog or cat is first brought home those first few days can be crucial for their nerves, and this is why offering a couple of days holiday can be a wonderful gesture for you to do.

Day off on your birthday

Who wants to work on their birthday? No one! As a business owner you have the perfect chance to make a wonderful rule where no one works on their birthday. This can be an extra day off each year and it can be a great thing to give to your workers. They will be able to always enjoy their day and it can be a wonderful thing for them and for you.

Home-cooked lunches

If you fancy yourself a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen, a perk which can be ideal for you is to offer home-cooked lunches once a week or every day where you can share your cooking with everyone else. You can even allow others to volunteer to cook for the team on different days and it will allow you all to enjoy lunchtimes together and to bond as a team while enjoying amazing food.

Beer o clock

What’s the best thing about finishing work on a Friday night? Going to the pub afterwards! Make of a routine in your work that you finish an hour early on a Friday and but everyone a drink at the local pub. This can be such a great way for you to catch up after the week is done and no one will tune down a free drink and a chance to put their work away a little earlier!

Fitness classes

One of the perks you can bring into the workplace which can be a huge benefit for people of all ages and fitness levels is fitness classes. Think about bringing in a yoga teacher or a Pilates instructor every week to set up in the office and do a workout in the morning. It can be a great way to keep everyone fit and allow them to try new sports and exercises without having to leave the office!

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