Sharing contents using Social Media Buttons. What kind of Share Buttons will be Good for Your Site?

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You see those little icons wiggling their way to popular websites you often visit? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Embedding Social Media Sharing buttons to your site is by all means beneficial to you. After all, our community believes that sharing is in fact caring. These sharing buttons enable the readers to promote content without having to leave the page. Because what better way to advertise and commercialize your brand other than linking it to Facebook? (high five!)

I’ve got to ask you though; do you really need all those buttons? Everything is good but not everything is beneficial. Those are two different things when it comes to what buttons you have to utilize. We have to be mindful about the buttons we put to our websites. It should always depend on the needs of the business.


How to pick Social Media Share Buttons?

Social Media Background
Here, I’d like to discuss all the possible and primary share buttons you can use to your advantage. Be wise not just what is popularly used by everyone but custom-design your buttons that will fit to the demand of your website and business in general.

Due to the fact…..

CAUTION: overloading your site with too many buttons isn’t the best idea. Why? Because it will take up so much loading time and will slow the progression of browsing. Especially for smartphone users and in turn will affect your conversion. Because who wants to stay until your whole site downloads fully? No one! You’d be surprised at the short attention span even of adults. Level: ADHD

TIP: link your official work site to your personal account in Facebook and vice versa. In fact, linking all your social media accounts will drive up traffic and establish BRANDING. It has tremendous impact to your business overall. Given that your business holds a big chunk of your identity.

So, let’s begin

What sharing buttons is good for your website?




– It’s the main attraction. It has something to do with the fact that everybody has one! When it comes to Social Media, Facebook garnered the No.1 spot and we don’t have to wonder why. I reckon everyone will agree that if you want connection then FB it is! I advise that you stick to this one as a priority and make sure that you are sharing effectively and responsibly.



– If you want to be a talk of the town. Facebook and twitter are the two main sharing buttons. People love to talk and this is the way to go.Nowadays, every individual has a twitter account, in fact multiple accounts connected within business and personal relations.



– For preference, men loves to associate using this professional network. This button is for a more business-inclined audience.Although, it’s not a go-to of the mass, this account is validated when you want a strong, reliable network. It provides a more sleek template and a more customized audience. You can even choose the circle of people you want to share it with for a more targeted approach.



– Also used by twice as much males than females. For a formal approach,qualifications and specialties.You can even track how your posts are doing and it’s engagement with readers by percentage.


– basically loved by women. Because selfie! and pictures of all the lattes and ootds in the world can’t be enough. Also, if your business is more into fashion and photography.Some people are more responsive if you approach them with a visual perspective.So, if you’re a natural photographer, I’m sure you will love Instagram.(if you don’t already).


– Good and effective measure to drive referral traffic. According to reports, it drives more traffic than youtube, google+ and linkedIn combined. It’s gaining a huge interest primarily in Northern America.This is also very visual and if you’re the kind of person who loves to collect pins, images and links randomly – it’s almost as competitive as any other Social Media sites.


– It’s like a bookmarking capability of interesting web contents. You can rate pages and personalize items according to your preference. With the capability to allow users to rate web pages, images & videos, this application can personify your taste of content.


– The same as Pinterest but more focused on blogs and polished contents/articles. Its like curating your own magazine and adding variables solely depending on your likes.This will enable you to make your personalized magazine and recommend links that you think are worth circulating. In the absence of an actual magazine, Flipboard is a virtual paper you “technically” published on your own.


– For the more technical users. This is if you want them to subscribe into a feed.RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically.Subscribing to a website RSS removes the need for the user to manually check the website for new content.

Reddit & Quora

– If you like reading, discussions and welcome other people’s opinion and hearsay about a topic then you can submit and share using these platforms.It’s also a great way to connect with community-based people depending on your preference and target. You can comment and interact directly with issues or “question” as it is passed on.

Direct Mail

– Ahhh… the good ‘ol days. This is the classic and the “original” share button of all time.I’m talking about Disney –classic level. It effectively works for B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) type of relation.For me, this is the most personalized approach of all. It may really  take up your time but this will enable you to reach out to your  readers in a deeper level and you will gain trust as you go along.

Now that I’ve mentioned a few, it’s up to your disposal which one to use. Find out what works for your business . Don’t rush into adding all of them without even knowing what they’re good for. Above all, there’s one great thing you need to work on. Actually it’s a big deal and it’s no other than your substantial content. Nothing will ever be more of a priority than your web content. Because my dear readers, nobody’s ever going to mind the share buttons if they don’t like the content in the first place.

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