The Best Ways To Promote Your Business – Free Of Charge

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself how expensive it is to market your company? You may find that the cost of SEO alone is staggering, not to mention that it is also expensive to get TV, radio and even billboard advertisements set up. If you want to avoid all of this or if you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to promote your business for the lowest possible cost then carry on reading to find out more.

Sign up with the Big Three

The big three include Yahoo, Bing, and Google. The first thing that you need to do is register your business with Google Places. This gives people the chance to see exactly where your business is when they do a Google search. It also helps you to show up on Google maps as well. If you want to take advantage of this then you will be glad to know that it is completely free of charge and all you have to do is fill out the form, register with them and then have your business verified. This is a great way to gain customer trust. You can do all of this through their own confirmation process and you can get it done in as little as half an hour. Yahoo also has a database, along with Bing, so by signing up with this, you can be sure to boost your marketing efforts like never before.

Social Media is Your Friend

Social media is one of the best tools out there when it comes to gaining exposure. You don’t need to invest a lot of time in order to take advantage of everything that it has to offer and all you have to do is tie in the various discounts that you have on your store to your Facebook page. You also have a direct channel of communication with your customers. Other sites that are great to sign up with include LinkedIn and Twitter, but if you can only do one or if you can’t manage more than one then Facebook is certainly the way to go. If you are willing to pay for your advertisement then you are better off using Adwords when compared to Facebook marketing, purely because with Adwords you can target the whole internet rather than social media users alone. Adwords management is also very easy as well.

Get Blogging

When you write a blog, you can easily have this shared by other people and when you do, not only will this help your SEO for free, but it will also help you to gain some additional exposure. If you are concerned that you don’t know much about this or if you don’t have that creative spark then it is more than possible for you to hire someone else to take care of it for you.

Of course, it is important to know that free advertisement usually won’t compare in terms of results to a paid advertisement. The main reason for this is because the free advertisement is available to everyone and you will have a lot of competition, so if you want to step things up to that next level then it may be time for you to start looking into some paid options.

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