The Brief and Only Lake Packing List You’ll Ever Need to Have Fun

Did you know that millions of people around the United States relax and hang out in lakes, oceans, and other natural bodies of water every single year? If you and your family are part of this statistic and are getting ready to head to the lake but are not sure what to pack, we are here to help. We have put this lake packing list together to ensure that you have a great time on your next lake outing.

The Brief and Only Lake Packing List You’ll Ever Need to Have Fun

Keep reading to get your lake checklist ready.

1. Water

Although you will be swimming in a ton of water – you can’t exactly drink it. You want to make sure that you pack a cooler with ice and plenty of water to drink in order to stay hydrated. Freezing a few water bottles ahead of time is also a smart idea because it will melt throughout the day and then you can sip on some cool refreshing water.

2. Snacks

After a long day of swimming in any lake either Sankoty Lakes or one near you, it is important to pack something to eat. Choose your favorite snacks that will keep you from getting “hangry” and ruining the trip. A few snack ideas include pineapple slices, melons, watermelon, raw carrots, celery, chips, and crackers.

You can also pack some food that will not go bad, such as shredded barbecue chicken in a Tupperware with some bread on the side, and make yourself some chicken sandwiches on the go.

3. Floats

Although you will be swimming you might want to also pack some floats because after some time of swimming you might find yourself exhausted. A float such as a noodle or an inflatable donut will become your bestie once you find yourself tired and out of breath.

A larger tube with drink holders and large enough for more people is also a good idea. You will have memories for a lifetime hanging out on a comfy large tube with your friends and family.

4. Extra Clothes

Having a dry set of clothing after you are done swimming will feel great and it beats driving home in a wet outfit. Make sure you bring something soft and easy to get into because certain fabrics such as denim are harder to squeeze into when your skin is damp.

If there are public showers at the lake you visit you might even want to pack some soap and shampoo for a quick shower before putting on your dry clothes.

5. Beach Chairs

Whenever you take a break from swimming you will want to have a beach chair to hang out on and enjoy the views. Most beach chairs are perfect for the lake because they fold easily and they even have cup holders.

Time to Gather Your Items From This Lake Packing List

We hope that now you are feeling even more excited to gather everything from our lake packing list above.
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