The Must Do Things When Beginning A Massage Therapy Business

As of 2018, 59% of massage therapists worked from home, according to the American Massage Therapy Association. The massage therapy industry is becoming quite lucrative in many countries. It is an evolving and growing niche that still has room for new players. Establishing a massage therapy business is an exciting exercise. Running a massage therapy business requires certification, so make sure you are a certified and licensed therapist. Meeting this requirement is critical; remember that you can still grow and progress your career and education as a massage therapist. Besides registration and licensing, ensure that you do the following when starting a massage therapy business.

  • Draw Up A Business Plan
  • Once you receive your certification and the necessary licenses, the next step is to formulate a business plan. Come up with a business name that is unique and easy to read and remember. It is also vital to ensure that the name is still available by searching it on the United States patent and trademark office database or through a Google search.

    You should also decide whether you will work from home, visit your clients at their homes, or get an office space to run your business. Working from home or at your client’s homes requires less start-up capital compared to renting or leasing an office. However, renting/leasing space allows you to attend to more clients at once and make more profits.

    The business plan should also estimate both the start-up costs and ongoing expenditure. Estimate the amount required for equipment such as massage tables and stools, oils, sheets, and fragrances. Choose the kind of massages you want to offer, charges for every service, and determine how your business will generate revenue.

  • Insure Your Business
  • Starting a business is very exciting, and it can be a very lucrative endeavor, but it comes with certain risks. Nevertheless, the threat of risks should not prevent you from accomplishing your dreams. Plan well, anticipate possible risks, and prepare for the unforeseen dangers.

    Lawsuits are a possibility in business, so it is smart to get an insurance cover for both the business and yourself. Liability insurance for massage therapists protects the business from slips and falls, allergic reactions from creams and oils. It also offers protection to the business against claims of financial reimbursements as a result of injuries.

  • Join A Professional Group
  • Massage therapy associations can be very beneficial to your business. It is an excellent way to network with other business owners and therapists. You will also receive advice and information on licensing and certification. Membership fees are compulsory to some associations, while some have a free entry policy. Being a member of these organizations builds trust and a sense of professionalism, and you will also attract more clients to your business.

  • Develop A Marketing Strategy
  • Attracting customers is quite essential to any business. The first step of marketing is to know your target market. Perform an in-depth research analysis to find out the average age, gender, and likes/ dislikes of your customers. The marketing strategies you use go a long way in determining how marketable your massage therapy business will be.

    Creating a website and social media channels is a great way to communicate with potential clients, retain your clients, and make bookings. Start a rewards program where clients get bonus treatments or discounts for making referrals, making a particular number of bookings, or spending a certain amount of money. Reward programs are a fantastic strategy for retaining existing customers and attracting new clients.

    Massage business software can also be utilized to improve your marketing prospects. These platforms help you maintain your appointment schedules, and keep efficient and accurate SOAP notes; which can certainly improve your reputation among clients. But they also have more direct marketing uses — providing options to keep client databases, operate email marketing campaigns, and even place your business on high-traffic directories. Marketing can be a time consuming process, and much like other areas of your business you can benefit from adopting these types of organizational tools, freeing you up for the important work of therapy itself.

    Starting a successful massage therapy business requires focus and determination. Take the process seriously and believe in yourself. Take time to build your foundation, provide excellent services, and ensure you enjoy every moment.

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