The Pros & Cons of Montessori Education

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Montessori Education Presents A Solution

Montessori education is a development-focused education that doesn’t emphasize exams, grades or any other competitive thing that may put pressure on the student. Montessori schools focus on creating socially adept and mature students. Research conducted in the United States revealed that students in Montessori schools outperformed students in traditional schools. While they did better in everything, their social and behavioral skills were especially exceptional when compared to students in regular schools.

The logic behind Montessori education is that children will be more willing to learn when they are allowed to choose what they want. Individuals from different backgrounds and of different ages come together to participate in activities they love. The only reason why the teacher is present is to guide them through these activities. There are many benefits of Montessori education, but there are also some disadvantages. Considering both will give you an idea of how the Montessori system impacts the individual.

Advantages Of Montessori Education

1. It Promotes Social Interaction

This is one of the most significant benefits of Montessori education. From an early stage, children learn to interact with other children of different ages. Allowing children of different ages to participate in various activities together promotes peer-to-peer learning. They teach each other, learn from each other and understand the importance of acceptance and inclusion.

2. The Environment Is Good For Practical Learning

Montessori learning environments are always more beautiful than in regular classrooms. They are built with a lot of space and room for natural light. This is because a beautiful environment with the right learning aids can help the children direct attention to their needs. The materials the children are allowed to use help them discover abstract ideas and understand complex vocabulary. The materials help these students develop coordination and concentration.

3. It Cultivates Their Love For Learning

Most students in regular schools fail because they don’t love to learn. They see the curriculum as boring, and this makes it difficult for them to appreciate it. The case is different with Montessorians. These students love to learn and are always curious about the world and the people around them. Long-term, they view learning as a lifelong process. It doesn’t stop when school is over.

Disadvantages Of Montessori Education

1. Independence Can Be A Bad Thing

While the students have independence to learn how they like, the fact is that this independence is not always a good thing long-term. When a student grows up with a self-guided, independent and entrepreneur mindset, it may become difficult for that student to work with others in the future. This is because most jobs, if not all, require teamwork. Also, it may be difficult for the individual to submit to management or work in a bureaucratic system. Montessori students think on their terms as collaboration with other students is not an essential practice in Montessori schools.

2. It’s More Expensive Than Regular Schools

Finding a regular Montessori school with an average to low tuition price is difficult. This is because they put a lot of things into account like the high-quality learning materials, and the in-depth training children receive using those materials. Only children of wealthy parents can afford to go to a fully functional Montessori school. While some organizations are trying to reduce the expense for children, the cost of getting certified as a Montessori teacher is still high.

3. The Curriculum Is Loose, And The Classroom Structure Can Be Intimidating

The Montessori curriculum isn’t as structured as the one in regular schools. It has to do with following the child on their learning journey. This doesn’t mean the children will be allowed to do anything they want, but it is not like a rigid classroom curriculum. Since the teacher is only present to assist the students rather than enforce certain rules or instruct, students might not pick interest in some important subjects. Curriculum looseness can leave a student over prepared for some classes and not prepared enough for others.

Having a free classroom structure isn’t always a good thing. This is because some children prefer structured, routine activities. Something as simple as desks lined up in rows can be comforting to some students. These formal school desks aren’t present in Montessori schools. The classrooms are built to allow sudden movement and change. The teachers don’t instruct; they simply guide the students. This isn’t always a good thing because it gives the students too much freedom. Not every child would be able to thrive without the order and stability found in traditional schools.

Montessori education is good, but it is not suitable for every child. Some children might thrive in such environments and fit perfectly into society but others might not. Many comprehensive resources can help you determine if Montessori education is ideal for your child. You can order essay online for more information about Montessori education.

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