What Are The Practices Of The Best Security Companies?

The business of security has gone from something that hardly anyone looked into fifty years ago to a booming enterprise present in every city across the world. Today, security is a must for just about every event and business, but not everyone knows that much about them.

When it comes to hiring a security company to protect a person’s commercial property or to keep order at a big party, they’re not always sure what policies and practices stick out as being goods ones and which are bad. Here are a few pointers on what the best security companies do:

Their guards are professionally trained.

This might be something that everyone assumes that a security company must do, right? Well, that’s not entirely true. Many states and provinces don’t really have any laws in place to say what a security company has to do with their staff.

The result is that the lower tier companies are more likely to “train” their security guards with just a quick few hours of training and then release them into the world. The better companies are the ones, of course, that give their employees comprehensive training that properly prepares them to deal with all of the expected, and unexpected, things that can happen on the job.

Their staff is professionally dressed.

Now, there are some plain-clothes security guards even at the best companies, but that’s also on purpose. What sparks a real issue and should be a red flag is when all of a security company’s staff are in plain clothes!

Security officers are supposed to look like security officers. All of the best companies always ensure that their staff is always professionally dressed and pressed, except when the situation calls for them to be out of uniform.

They have a long list of clients.

The best security companies out there are the ones that might have been the best-kept secret in the country at first, but their reputation is what helps to launch them to the top of the heap along with the others. It’s these businesses that usually span from sea to sea and they tend to have a long list of clients.

Are all of the best companies big franchises? No, but a good business always has an impressive list of very loyal clients.

They schedule consultations.

Any security company that wants a person’s business knows that good customer service is part of the job. Part of good customer service is to ensure that they meet with a prospective client in person so that both parties can get a good idea of how they’re going to work together.

They follow up with an appointment for the property.

If the consultation goes well, the top security companies will then want to know what they’re up against. Providing security does mean having professionals on the job but it also means planning ahead.

If a security company is protecting a premises, they need to stop in and find out what surveillance equipment is already on-site and what other equipment they might need to bring in. They also will want to see how challenging the site will be to protect. That requires an on-site evaluation to see if there are any dark corners or gaps in surveillance that someone might be able to take advantage of.

They have the latest equipment and the latest software.

A great security company is not one that still uses monochrome monitors from the nineteen-eighties and has Windows 95 running on all of its computers! It’s also not one that has its guards using company cell phones from the dark ages!

A good security company shines through with the equipment it has at their office, on-site, and on the security guards, themselves. Today, this business relies on technology to monitor a property and keep guards in contact with each other, the site, and the office.

So, always take a look at the equipment that security guards have. They should have the latest security cameras with wireless feeds to banks of monitors to provide proper security across a skyscraper or high rise. Security guards making their rounds should be able to access security feeds from company devices supplied to them and be able to communicate with the latest walkie-talkies or other devices.

They have a low turnover rate.

The best security companies are also the best ones to work for. Any great business is one where their employees feel happy, protected, and well paid. It’s those security guards that want to stay with the company for the rest of their lives.

Why is this important? Because companies with a great reputation with their employees are also the ones that attract the best people. It seems too simple to some, but a business that treats its employees well also tends to have the best ones.

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