Why Start Your Global Expansion in the Philippines? Here are 3 reasons to convince you..

For those who are thinking about investing in Cebu, you’ll be glad to know this a move in the right direction. Few places in the country are able to provide the same benefits that the Queen City of the South offers. If you’re still undecided, here are a few reasons why Cebu is worth taking a closer look at.


Did you know that the Philippines has a literacy of 94.6%, which makes it among the highest in the world? English is something that every school teaches and the nation, as a whole, is considered the third largest English-speaking country on the planet. The workforce itself does not lack for manpower. Roughly 350,000 graduates are injected into the professional pool on an annual basis.

The workforce is also what led to the fast growth of Cebu’s BPO, not to mention its impressive export industry. Cebu currently ranks 8th in the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations in the world. ESL schools are also rising in number, dotting the region’s vast landscape and providing Cebu with a sparkling new reputation for great productivity and memorable experiences for every non-native English speaking tourist. The ESL training available is both comprehensive and cost-effective. In fact, it has led to an influx of Korean, Japanese and various other nationalities into Cebu.

Booming tourism

In terms of aesthetics, Cebu can be downright gorgeous, which leads to another reason to invest: the booming tourism. The beautiful beaches and wonderful mountain areas are perfect for those looking for a bit of adventure and leisure in their lives. Mactan Cebu International Airport serves as Cebu’s ever expanding tourism gateway, catering to more direct international flights. There is little doubt that any tourist will have their fair share of wonderful memories during their stay in Cebu. But should your interest lie beyond just fun and exploration, then the urban side of things are likely to be just as satisfying.

Flexible lifestyle

Cebu is known to have a vibrant cosmopolitan, which can be quite conducive for a first-class lifestyle. Accessible and affordable luxuries can be found all over the province. This includes housing, schools, business centers, malls, hotels and various others, enabling Cebu to succeed in several levels. The well-developed infrastructure is also what helps in distinguishing Cebu – and the Philippines as a whole – from other places. The balance it displays confirms that it has what it takes to remain competitive and sustain any and all investments.

Investing in anything – be it a company, a product or even a place – can be a daunting task. Risks will always be present; making smart choices, however, can cut said risks. By the look of things, Cebu’s greatness speaks for itself. Regardless of your plans and intentions, you can rest easy with the knowledge that the Philippines, by way of Cebu, has many advantages that anyone can enjoy.

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