Apps to Help You Boost Concentration When You’re at Work (Infographic)

Staying focused at work can sometimes be a little bit difficult. You may have prepared your to-do list the night before, but a lot of things unrelated to work could happen especially if you have to go online to get your job done.

Amidst all of your preparation, you might end up spending your time chatting with your co-worker, or worst, you’ll find yourself browsing for an item in an online shop.

A study about digital distraction shows that it takes about 25 minutes for a person to get back to work after being distracted. That being said, losing work concentration leads to work unproductivity.
It’s normal to get distracted, however, we should always try our to keep ourselves aligned with the tasks for the day. To help you accomplish your daily goals, here are 5 apps for you to boost your work concentration.

Apps to boost concentration when you’re at work

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