6 Daily Bits Of Learning for Entrepreneurs


6 Micro Courses Entrepreneurs Can Learn in 2 Minutes

As an entrepreneur with a baby at home, I’m constantly struggling with finding time to learn new skills. Podcasts have helped me a lot with this, but I rarely have time to listen to an entire episode on a regular basis.

Daily Bits Of, my service, is designed to allow me to follow my curiosity and my need to always be learning. We call our format bite-sized learning which basically means that all our lessons are short enough to be consumed with your morning coffee or while waiting for the bus.

I believe that we have managed to create a small window for learning in the life of busy people thus making learning something new every day effortless.

I recommend the following courses to fellow entrepreneurs:

Hacking Human Nature for Good

This course is created by the behavioral economist Dan Ariely and his Irrational Labs team. In 22 inspiring lessons you learn how to apply behavioral economics in marketing and when developing products.

Marketing for Early-Stage Startups

If you have this great product but don’t know how to get it out there, this course will give you some hands-on advice on how to market it. For free!

The Psychology That Gets Things Done

Time management is key for any founder. In this course, the psychologist and researcher Alexander Rozental gives you some advice on how to deal with procrastination and how to get things done. It works even better if you get your co-founders to take the course as well.

Assertive communication

I developed this course while working as a psychologist. A lot of my clients had a problem with communicating in an assertive way. The principles I talk about in the course helped them stand up for their opinions and ideas. I find the skills taught in this course to be crucial when fundraising.

Shorter, Fewer and Better Meetings

Useless meetings are the bane of every organization’s existence. This course will help you get the most out of your meetings, and tell you which ones you can cancel without missing much.

Email etiquette

Ok, this might be very meta, learning how to email through a course delivered via email? I talked to a fellow entrepreneur a while back and one of the most important skills his employees need is a great sense of how to email correctly. In this course you’ll get a few short lessons that covers the basic. Do like my friend and have all your co-workers take the course.

Having a micro course is a great way to get people into what you are doing. We have several startups using our service as a way of getting new customers. If you are interested in creating a course please don‘t hesitate to email me at niklas@dailybitsof.com

Psychologist/ Dailybitsof CEO
Niklas Laninge is a psychologist and CEO at Daily Bits Of, a learning company he founded in 2014. His ambition is to make learning frictionless.