6 Software Must-Haves Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know About

Though nobody said it would be easy to start your own business, few aspiring entrepreneurs truly understand all of the meticulous details that go on behind the scenes of running a business. While it may appear to be a seamless operation from the outside, the actual nitty-gritty takes plenty of careful planning before you can really hit your stride.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll soon understand these challenges if you haven’t already. From endless hours of number-crunching and data-organizing, to the piles of paperwork in need of signing and review, there’s plenty of work to be done at any given moment. Fortunately, living amid the digital age comes with a slew of perks for the ambitious business-starter.

With the right software programs in your business management arsenal, you can take your great idea to the next level. And as your company begins to flourish, you’re going to need the right tools by your side to help scale your business-dealings and minimize all the headache that comes with it.

The ever-expanding library of business software programs on the modern market can be intimidating to approach if you’re unsure of what you really need. Whether you’re looking to stay on top of 2020 P&C insurance industry trends or ahead of the digital marketing curve, this list of our top recommended business software essentials will keep you and your business at the cutting edge.

1. StudioCloud

This award-winning business management software is specifically designed to serve as an all-in-one solution for creative service industries. Whether you’re a budding tattoo artist, esthetician, photographer, or clothing designer, Studio Cloud provides a platform that lets you manage clients and vendors, create invoices, generate targeted marketing campaigns, organize employee schedules, and more.

2. Asana

Created in 2008 by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and software engineer Justin Rosenstein, Asana was born out of a need for effective task management and team coordination. Functioning as a cloud-based software that allows users to create monthly calendars, collaborate with colleagues, and monitor projects, Asana has become one of the most popular web services today.

When it comes to app and plug-in integration, Asana leads. Connect your workspace’s Asana dashboard with these common business tools:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Tableau
  • Everhour
  • Github
  • 3. NetSuite

    Used by over 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses across the globe, NetSuite has earned a reputation as one of the most versatile business management tools available today. Easily scalable to your specific business management needs, NetSuite is the perfect all-in-one solution for project accounting, email marketing, expense management, customer relations, and so much more. Not only is NetSuite an uncomplicated program for businesses of all sizes, but it’s also user-friendly enough for novice business owners to dive into without too much head-scratching.

    4. Evernote Business

    While business management varies across industries, there are certain constants that simply apply to all businesses. Be it project management, creative ideation, or team coordination, these basic business operations exist in every realm of business. Evernote Business offers a burgeoning collection of data-keeping and workflow support applications and extensions that streamline the creation and execution of both long-term and short-term projects.

    Evernote Business is offered at three separate plan tiers: Basic, Premium, and Business—each offering more advanced features as you scale upwards. Fortunately for freshly minted entrepreneurs looking for something budget-friendly and minimalist, the free version will likely suffice.

    5. HubSpot CRM

    Customer relationship management can be challenging to manage if you’re working with a restricted budget but still want to reap the benefits of a high-powered, high-efficiency system. When you turn to HubSpot CRM, you get just that. This genius tool has quickly evolved into one of the business world’s most coveted programs, fully equipped with powerful marketing and sales tools that can effectively reshape the state of your existing CRM practices.

    6. Zoho One

    Zoho One has transformed into one of the most well-known and highly lauded business management software programs to date. Offering an impressive library of smart services including website optimization, human resources onboarding, customer relationship management, and more, Zoho One is as comprehensive as business suites come. Take charge of everything from your marketing efforts to your expense management with one simple program.

    Did we forget any software programs? Which of our suggestions will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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