Social Media Starter Guide For Businesses



Below is a 7-step starter guide that can help you maximize its potential to establish your brand to your customers.



    Tips from Social Media Examiner.

  • You can use Rebel Mouse to showcase all your social media content as a real-time feed on your website.
  • Try using ClickToTweet to “promote, share & track your content on Twitter (and it’s free).”


    Useful Tools For Managing Curated Posts

  • Personally, I use Facebook Schedule Tab and Hootsuite to monitor, schedule, and analyze my social media posts.
  • Social Media Examiner also swears by the use of Sprout Social.

Master the art of social listening by responding to comments, feedbacks, and mentions in real time (even if they are not positive).


    Suggested daily activities for various social media platforms.

  • Facebook: Publish 1 post daily and respond to comments in a timely fashion.
  • Twitter: Publish at least 3 Tweets and retweet related posts too.
  • Pinterest: Pin and re-pin at least 3 images per day.
  • LinkedIn: Share 1 post and like other posts too.


After all that’s been said or done, it’s time to gauge if your initial strategies were effective.

Track your performance by using Sprout Social or Google Analytics

Now that you have read our starter guide, do you feel more confident to take on the challenge?

Do you know other tools that you can use for your business?

Are you aware of the immediate challenges you have to tackle first?

Share your thoughts on the comment section and let’s help each other achieve our business goals!

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