The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2019

The technology jobs landscape of 2019 will likely look mostly the same as it did in previous years, with roles in cybersecurity, software development, data science as well as iGaming software developer dominating across industries.

Up-and-coming techs will be key catalysts for the in-demand jobs people look forward to seeing in 2019. From data scientist, software developer and more in demands jobs in engineering, data science, and sale will keep on rising to support the innovation happening in the country.

More often, traditional firms are starting to resemble technology companies. This trend will keep on throughout the year. As employers in different industries, from finance to health care to car and more, keep on implementing different technologies to make workflows more efficient and improve business. The need for top-notch employees who have a balance of soft and technical skills will keep on rising.

Here are the top in-demand tech jobs of 2019:

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Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer has skill on each phase of new software development. He or she isn’t all specialists in software development but does know the basic principles of development in servers, hosting, networks, QA, databases, UX, UI design and APIs, security and working with clients or company’s needs and requirements. The leading job site in the world, with more than 200m unique visitors a month, shows a great need for this job today. This job needs strong skills in programming, a proper understanding of various programming languages, many years of experience working in diverse areas of software development, the capability to collaborate well with customers and a diploma in computer science.

iGaming Software Developer

iGame developers or also known as game creators are software engineers in the growing market of online casinos who design slot games. They might be involved in diverse factors of game creation from idea and story writing to the programming and coding. Other possible areas of a job for this kind of job include design, audio, visual arts, and productions.

A lot of components are involved in video game development. Producers, designers as well as graphic artists all work hand in hand to come up with the best product. But, software developers and programmers turn the concept into code that gives the game with its working or operating instructions. Software and game developers make the core features of a slot game. Duties and responsibilities of a slot game developer might include

  • Doing design views
  • Making storylines as well as character biographies
  • Designing role-play mechanics
  • Making prototypes for the management and staff
  • Documenting the game design process

Junior and entry-level game programmers usually utilize basic tools as well as languages such as C++, to put in small elements to slot games. Also, they are expected to continue with changing technology. Lead programmers and developers write more complex code as well as handle other programmers.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers create, develop, plan, design, set up, and manage, as well as accountable for maintaining and supporting information technology cloud systems. They collaborate with cloud developers like Open Stack, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. They are expected to have a deep and thorough understanding of programming languages, DevOps and APIs, cloud databases and automation. As more agencies move from on-premise to the cloud, the need for skilled system cloud engineers will boost substantially. If you qualify for this kind of job, expect a salary of about $100.000.

Machine Learning Engineer

The field of AI or artificial intelligence is gravely understaffed. Company leaders are continuously searching for many ways to automate, optimize as well as make business process and practices easier, so meaning there is an increased need for these seasoned experts. Companies are looking to hire technology leaders who can manage ML, AI as well as data science team is going to have the work cut out.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Safety and security have become a growing issue for businesses and users in the interconnected world. This is the main reason why businesses are looking to hire seasoned cybersecurity engineers. With the latest developments on the Internet of Thing and the compilation of interconnected devices, a cyber attack is a possible disaster. Engineers ensure that the initiative of the company stays safe from possible threats. Also, they are accountable for knowing business compliance and rules and keep advance with future trends in cybersecurity.

Data Scientist

This has been the most in-demand profession for the past three years in the US and will keep on rising in popularity given that all businesses today have access to massive amounts of data. Firms will be searching for data scientists able to collecting, processing as well as analyzing data. A vital skill or knowledge for data scientists is making data into insights and actionable business techniques. About qualifications, the recruiter is searching for master and Ph.D. or advanced degree, mathematical skills and strong analytical. The data scientist has an average salary of $90,839 a year. In many ways, a data scientist is closely associated with software engineering. The growth of data engineering jobs has historically outpaced development for data scientist jobs.


At the onset of the year 2019, there’ll be a growing need for technology jobs, but not a lot of job seekers are well-qualified employees available to take the job mentioned above. The rate of unemployment is extremely low in the sector of technology. That is the reason why a lot of companies out there should pay close attention to how they position themselves on the market to attract the most qualified and the most excellent talent.

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